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About Francesca

Francesca loves going on Yoga retreats and over the years has enjoyed many, both locally and over seas. 

She has picked the best bits of all these, to bring you  .....

Back to Nature Retreats.

Francesca believes in creating a safe, nurturing space, in nature, where guests can reevaluate their life and perhaps the future direction of their life. 

All this happens organically and in good time over the weekend.  Guests may not realise changes that have taken place until long after the retreat. After running Back To Nature Retreats for the past 4 years, Francesca has seen many positive changes in people's lives.

Francesca is proud her retreats are close to Newcastle, affordable and very welcoming to all. 

Often people attend her retreats, worried about not knowing anyone else at the retreat.  Francesca loves hearing all the chit chat and swapping of phone numbers as new friendships are formed.

Francesca partners with others to deliver a variety of retreats each year.  

Francesca is also passionate that the food at the retreats is awesome. 

“ To my mind the food at the retreat is one of the most important things.  It has to be healthy, tasty, locally sourced, where possible, restaurant quality and most importantly made with love. 

Both Dominique and Kristin have owned their own restaurants and definitely put a lot of love into their cooking"

About Kristin

Kristin and her chef partner, Scott own Mayfields in the Northern Rivers, NSW.  They have breakfast stalls at various markets in the area.  They often cater for film crews, who are filming in the area.

Kristin is a lot of fun and people at the retreats tend to gravitate to the kitchen to hang out with her.  Much laughter and banter is heard from the kitchen as Kristin makes use of all offers of help.  She passes on a lot of her cooking secrets in the processs.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a well known, highly respected Yoga teacher in the Newcastle area.  Her love of Yin and Restorative Yoga shines through as Yogi’s float out of class without a care in the world.

Elizabeth raised her family on a community in Nimbin.  She still has a home there and retreats there as often as she can. 

Recently she welcomed her first grandchild into the world.  Little Ivah was born in the same home and the same beautiful birth that his mother, Khadi enjoyed some 25 years ago. 

About Dominique

A former school teacher and a now a Yoga teacher., Dominique owned a restaurant on the Central Coast for many years.  Dominique was born in France and has inherited her mother’s love of cooking and making even the most simple dishes taste fantastic.

Dominique is also an Ian Gawler trained meditation teacher and will often lead a bed time meditation to ensure a beautiful night’s sleep at the retreat.

About Kate

Kate is a Naturopathic Nutritionist based in sunny Sawtell.


Kate's clients include those who are proactive in staving off inflammation and illness and  those with complex gut/digestive/bowel issues.

For the past 20 plus years, Kate has had a strong interest in the area of Gut Health. 

She has done extensive study and research into this emerging area of health. 

With Kate's charisma and excellent communication skills she is able to relay complex scientific research into layman's terms and share her vast knowledge in the area of Gut health and nutrition.  

At our retreats Kate gives an excellent presentation on living well and is available for individual consultations.

After the retreat she  is available for ongoing consultations via skype and periodic visits to Newcastle.

About Melita

Melita, a former graphic designer for fashion magazines and record companies, took up Yoga in her 30’s. Mel is now happy teaching Yoga and cooking up gorgeous meals and healthy snacks for Yoga retreats.


One of Mel’s claims to fame is cooking, with the catering team, for the rock band U2 on one of their Australian tours!

"Teaching Yoga grounds Me. Guiding students through movement and breath facilitates self-connection, and gives the practitioner an appreciation for the magic of the human body”. “It’s a delight to see this happen”, says Mel. 

Most importantly, Mel encourages her students have fun!

Having recently completed the Milford Track in New Zealand with her family, Mel is inspired to practice more Yoga outdoors in the beauty of nature.

About Diane

Sydney based Yoga teacher, Dianne Lea, has been practicing Yoga for over 25 years. 

She was initially drawn to Yoga as a way of coping with anxiety, panic attacks and back pain.

Dianne left a career in Nursing and hospitality to study Yoga teaching.

Dianne believes that her own experience with anxiety, panic attacks and back pain makes her a compassionate and empathic teacher and has helped a lot of her students to make significant positive changes in their lives.

Dianne has led many Retreats, including ones to Seraya, Bali over the years.

Francesca is delighted to partner with Dianne to run the 6 day Escape Winter retreat to Seraya, Bali in July 2020.


About Sol

Sol Heartman - well-known Sydney singer/songwriter/guitarist and meditation facilitator. He leads us in a guided meditation followed by a blissed-out session of his original music. You can check out his stuff at

Sol Heartman is a Sydney based singer/ songwriter/ guitarist in a style that could be best described as new age adult contemporary. With lyrical themes of surrender, self-love, forgiveness and letting go, Sol’s warm vocals weave melodies over intricate acoustic fingerstyle guitar music, creating a soothing aural landscape of Self-discovery and Awakening. His songs are experienced as deeply personal and at the same time transcendent, embracing the inner child and hinting of the vast oneness of the Greater Self.

 "My intention is that my music be an instrument of discovery of the source of Unconditional Love that is ever-present within. In my songs I try to encapsulate that feeling of oneness and love while acknowledging the struggles of the personal self on its journey of awakening and surrender."

Sol currently performs weekly at Billabong Retreat and Swami’s Yoga Retreat in the leafy outskirts of North west Sydney and has recently completed a 5 song EP entitled “the Song of Life”.


What do our yogis say?

"Wow wow wow :) had the best weekend <3 Thankyou to all involved in organising this retreat, I have to say it’s one of the best I’ve been on. Yoga, food, accommodation and all the activities were fabulous. Thanks <3 Vonnie xoxo"

"I have greatly appreciated this weekend with Frances, Elizabeth and Dom. Yoga is something I will now continue on with in my life, I have enjoyed it greatly. The food was amazing and has taught me so much more about vegan and how versatile and healthy and tasty it is! Thank you so much :) Sonya"


"Francesca, Elizabeth and Dom, what a wonderful experience I have had this weekend. Thank you for being the gorgeous people you are. I know because of this weekend I have started a new spiritual journey in life! Love to you all. x Fiona"

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